Monday, May 4, 2009

Cookie Pot

My daughter and I made these for her to share with her class at school.

First we made the pot by using circle punches to cut out circles out of contact paper. Then my daughter stuck them all over the pot and painted it. When it was dry we peeled them off and I painted on the polka dots in the empty spots. Last I sprayed it with an indoor/outdoor sealer so we could put it outside and plant some flowers in it when we were done with the cookies.

Directions for Cookies:

The cookies we made using a flower tin from Michael's. First spray the pan with PAM so the cookies won't stick when you take them out. Then scoop the cookies dough in and squish a stick into the middle of each one. I added some extra cookie dough on top of the stick to make sure it would stay in.

Cookie Dough hint: We use the recipe on the Nestle Chocolate Chip bag minus one stick of butter (the recipe calls for two). I did this one time on accident and liked how it turned out so well I have made them that way ever since.

Let the cookies cool for 5 or so minutes before CAREFULLY tapping them out onto foil or wax
paper to finish cooling.
Then put them in a couple of zip lock bags in the freezer. When they are nice and cold melt chocolate chips in a plastic bag until melted. Snip off a corner and decorate the flowers.
When the chocolate has hardened (it only takes a few minutes) put them back in the freezer to keep them fresh until you are ready to use them.
To make the bouquet of flowers put florist foam in the bottom of the pot and arrange the flowers where you want them.

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