Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Open Sea II

Hello! Thanks for stopping by today. This one is kind of different but kind of interesting to look at. I think if I would have had the patience to put a few more layers of embossing powder on to give it an even deeper "wax" imprint look it might look even better. I might go back and give this one another try and maybe try gold instead of silver. My three year old will be up from his nap soon so it will have to wait until another day. Sigh.....

Wait! I figured out a better way... and yes three year old is up and watching t.v...bad mommy! I actualy had to call MY mom to remind me how to do this. Thanks Mom!!!

Pour on the embossing powder on the card and then heat the pile of powder from the bottom of the card. It makes a nice little embossing pool when it melts. Place your stamp in the pool and let it dry there. After a few minutes pick it up and you have a nice wax looking embellishment. Tadah!!!

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