Monday, September 19, 2011

Stampin Snowman

I was doing a card swap this weekend for a friend and I got tired of making cards so I threw this little sock snowman together for her. It uses one kids size sock (new and clean of course) and some long grain rice. There is 1 cup in the bottom snowball, and then tied with yarn, then 3/4 in the middle, tied with yarn, and then 1/2 in the top snowball. Then you hot glue the snow balls together so they don't flop around. I tried to get extra tricky and use my frost white paint on the sock to make it sparkly but it turned out kind of blotchy. I think if I tried this again I would maybe dilute it in some water and spray it on instead. Oh well attempt #1 never turns out perfect. You have to start somewhere!!!

I think this little snow lady would also look very cute holding one of those little skinny M&M bags. Maybe I will add that to the next one I make :)

This also uses out of the Stampin' Up Holiday Mini catalog the Holly Berry Bouquet paper, Mica Flakes, the Pines & Poinsettias stamp set, Holly Berry Bouquet Designer Fabric, and from the big catalog the buttons.

Have a great Monday!


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  1. So adorable! Did you use a sport sock? I would love to have my MOPS group make something like this. Would you be able to share the details with me? My email is